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Feel Like a Muse even if your guy isn’t a poet. We’ve all been there. You meet this great guy, things go so well, and then you become a little worried about some of his behaviors. You start doubting yourself and wondering if there is any way that this guy is seriously interested in you. Overthinking in relationships is familiar to many smart, attractive, and accomplished women. You don’t have to have an official anxiety diagnosis, but the struggles that come with this are real. Overthinking in relationships is just one of the signs and it significantly diminishes our ability to enjoy love and relationships to the fullest. Being intelligent and analytical served you well throughout life in your education and career. But, when it comes to relationships, relying too much on our logical skills can seriously diminish your ability to enjoy your love life.

How to Stop Overthinking in a Relationship & Calm Your Mind Down

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4 Ways To Stop Overthinking From Ruining Your Relationships Follow more of Nadia’s sex and dating misadventures on Instagram.

When you are in touch with overthinking emotions during the date, you will stop able to express yourself to him. Instead of overthinking, you will be able to put it out there and defuse the potentially uncomfortable situation. It makes me wonder if how want to be here. Stop may say something like, “Oh, I’m very excited to be here. I’m just a bit nervous. You don’t have to get a headache pondering about what’s up overthinking dating and call your girlfriend squad, all of which will give you their own projection of where your guy may be coming from.

Learn how to stop overthinking everything

What if he was dropping me home early because he was sick of me? What if the look on my face was giving away how terrified I was feeling?! Quickly closing the car door behind me and fleeing to the cover of my apartment as the tears began to fall was all I could do to shelter him from the storm of anxieties brewing inside me.

“Overthinking occurs when someone doesn’t have the confidence to trust their intuition around the emotions they’re feeling within the relationship.

I remember telling my roommate every detail of my last date. I reevaluated every word of that conversation, every hint of his body language, trying to read his mind…after the fact. Did he like me? Did he not like me? When would he text me? I was so nervous that by our next interaction, I was a complete basket case—not my normal self at all.

How To Stop Overthinking In A Relationship

Dating is just one of those things, man. It just is. When your new romance sends you a text, you read between every single line to look for hidden meanings. You start thinking up all these crazy scenarios that lead to crazy conclusions, and your mind is just the perfect storm of negative outcomes. And while all of this is going on inside of your dome, the reality is that things are going pretty well, and unfolding exactly as they should in the relationship.

Meditation is scientifically proven to lower your stress and help make you happier​, but it’s not always easy to try to empty your mind for a long period of time.

Overthinking and dating are not a good mix, and dissecting every little thing about a relationship, or potential relationship can really do some damage to your chances of being with someone amazing. I’m learning this lesson first hand. You’ll learn a couple of methods that will help you from going down a rabbit hole. Give yourself, your prospective partner, and your relationship the fighting chance it deserves. Learn to live in the moment while not rehashing the past or worrying about the future.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m alone with my thoughts more, or because there’s so much uncertainty in the world right now, but my mind is flooded. I usually have a pretty good grasp on my thoughts and maintaining a positive mindset. As I exercise self compassion, I enjoyed putting together this episode as it allowed me to not only work through an issue I am experiencing, but also potentially help others who may be going through something similar right now.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the episode and learn more about what you’re overthinking and whether or not these methods helped slow your mind down. Feel free to drop a comment below. Here are some articles I referenced and found helpful:. You’re Such a Catch.

How To Stop Overthinking In A New Relationship

Being in a relationship that you hope will lead to something long-term can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Sometimes, that can unfortunately lead to a little bit of over-analysing and overthinking on your part. And if you ever spent half an hour trying to decode a simple text from them to find some sort of hidden meaning, you could be over-analysing in that respect too. The tendency to overthink usually comes from a place of previous hurt.

Instead of overthinking, work on overcoming it, talk to the person you’re with, or go to your friends for counsel. A top tip to stop overthinking by.

One of the many demons that keep us awake at night. So how exactly do you stop overthinking your love life? Stop looking for hidden meanings. Talk to your partner. If insecurities are causing you to overthink your relationship, talk it out. Frustrations, anxiety and annoyances can cause people to lash out in other ways, depending on how your partner handles his or her emotions; the root of what they say and how they act may be something entirely different.

Find a distraction. For most of us having these irrational thoughts is most apparent in the beginning of a potential relationship.

Stop Overthinking It!

I truly believe dating is supposed to be fun but most of the wounds we incur during the process are self-inflicted. I once heard a sermon talk about how dating is about discovery. But somehow, dating has become this excruciating interview process where you spend the majority of the time overthinking rather than enjoying the person or paying attention to obvious red flags. Questions like these plague your brain and can send you into a whirlwind of unnecessary thoughts. It makes you want to never date again.

Take a first date, for example. One minute, we may be thinking, “I’m so excited about this guy.” A moment later, the thought morphs into “I wonder.

Posted by Sandy Weiner in dating in midlife , single women over 40 2 comments. Are you a chronic worrier? Do you overanalyze everything people say or do? If you are plagued with constant rumination and second guessing, I can help. I created a video just for you. In it, I outline six steps to stop overthinking in life and love. Some of them may surprise you….

Dealing With Relationship Insecurity

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